Important News About Joel 2:25

Important News About Joel 2:25

Today I want to give you some Important News About Joel 2:25.

On last week I gave an encouraging word from Joel 2:25 but I also want to tell you something about that word.

See the Lord reminded me of two dreams I had regarding restoration.

I talk about some of it on my podcast from two messages I preached one was called I Refuse To Walk In Fear Part 1 and Part 2 and the other one was Remain At Peace In Christ Part 1.

Now in those messages I talked about a dream I had regarding how when you walk in fear and you are moved by what you see you turn everything over to the enemy.

Also, I shared when you know who you are in Christ you have every right to take back everything that the enemy has stolen from you.

I also said there was a part in the dream where it changed and I was there with reinforcements to get back what was mine and there was other people stuff in the middle of the street that needed to be claimed.

See right now in this world today with everything that has going on from:

Covid 19

Trump being removed from office

Biden getting in the White House

To politicians acting the way they are acting with all this socialism stuff

The shootings

Foreign country issues

To people dying

Businesses closing and so on

All this stuff came from witchcraft

It’s all based on fear

The enemy wants people to continue to be moved by what they see and hear

The enemy wants people to lost all hope and not trust God anymore

He wants people to live in fear and be controlled by fear

And he has used people on social media

He has used the news media like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and others to spread this witchcraft and fear over the airwaves and many people have fallen for it and many have even died because of it

But I am here to tell you that things are about to change

The Lord is about to restore his people

The Lord right now wants the Body of Christ to not panic, don’t worry, Praise him, do what the Word of God says and continue take authority over the enemy

This is not the time to be discouraged, give up, quit and throw in the towel because the Lord will set things right

We must trust him and don’t doubt him

See I had another dream on April 16, 2021 in which I saw myself standing in line for this appointment with other people in line.

Now when they called my name they gave me this container.

Now in that container was something that shocked me I was given things I lost from High School

Things that was stolen and lost in 2005 and beyond

This was stuff that I thought in mind I was never going to get back but they gave to me.

That container had everything that was stolen from me and I got it all back.

Now in the dream I keep praising and thanking God for what was given to me.

See Child Of God your time is coming, don’t walk in fear, don’t worry and keep your eyes on the Lord.

Because the Lord will restore you just like the Lord did for me in that dream, just believe it, expect it and always do what the Word of God says.

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