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Welcome to The Lion Of Judah [A King You Can Trust] I want to give you some brief information about us.

The Lion Of Judah is an online Christian Business that provides:

  • Christian Clothing
  • Christian Apparel
  • And products for the Body Of Christ.

Here at the Lion Of Judah:

  • You will hear the Word Of God being taught without compromise
  • And you will be encourage in your walk with the Lord.

We provide quality products, superior customer service and tremendous value for our customers.

We hope that you will enjoy your shopping experience with us and look forward to doing business with you.

Once again thank you for visiting and shopping at The Lion Of Judah.

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Once again thank you for visiting The Lion Of Judah Gear and thank you for shopping with us.

Meet The Owner Of The Lion Of Judah Gear

Meet Damon Maurice Williams, a multifaceted individual hailing from the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana. As the founder of The Lion Of Judah Gear and Damon M. Williams Ministries, he stands as a prominent figure in the realm of the Prophetic Ministry.

Damon, a native of New Orleans, has been anointed by God as a Minister of the Gospel since the tender age of 23. Throughout his journey, he has served in various roles such as an armor bearer, Minister, Youth Pastor, and Assistant Pastor, contributing to the growth of ministries across different states within the United States.

Beyond his spiritual calling, Damon is the visionary behind IncomeAtHomeBiz.com. This entrepreneur, leader, coach, poet and author brings a unique blend of talents and experiences to the forefront of his endeavors.

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Baker College and an Associate Degree in Theology from Slidell Baptist Seminary, Damon is well-equipped to bridge the worlds of business and ministry. His commitment to truth, without compromise, is evident in his bold preaching style, rooted in the Prophetic Anointing.

Damon is not just a man of words; he is a Prophet of God on a mission to teach individuals about their identity in Christ, liberate the captives, and pave the way for the return of Christ. His prophetic insights, coupled with a fearless approach, make him an End Time Prophet uniquely positioned by God to prepare His people, expose the enemies’ plans, and bring freedom to the captives.

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